Friday, November 6, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web -- November 6, 2015

Neptune (taken in August 1989 from the Voyager 2 spacecraft)
    In a deadly force engagement the threat must be stopped as quickly as possible. Firearms instructors have a duty and responsibility to train their students to win – not just survive a deadly force encounter. Winning means the officer was mentally and physically prepared, observed and identified the lethal threat, engaged and subdued the lethal threat, and was legally justified in his or her actions.
      Winning encompasses surviving, but surviving on its own simply means the officer did not die from the encounter. Winning leaves the shooter mentally and physically prepared to continue with life in a healthy way.
        To win a deadly force encounter requires several key components, that must be mastered by the officer. The ability to win a deadly force encounter begins well before the actual threat manifests itself. The mental and physical preparation must have begun long before deadly force is required, or the officer will not be able to process through the OODA Loop and successfully respond to the threat. These concepts are so important that I feel compelled to expand on them before I get into the arguments for upper chest targeting and anatomy.
        The author then goes into details on what he considers the five keys: 
        1. Proper Mindset – Possess a fundamental belief system to be at peace with taking another human life when necessary
        2. Understanding the Law – Comprehensive knowledge of when the law allows deadly force in self-defense or the defense of others
        3. Firearm Familiarity – Full understanding of the manual of arms for the primary (and back-up) firearm
        4. Mastery of Shooting Fundamentals – Proper draw, solid shooting platform, sight alignment, target identification and beyond, trigger pull and reset, follow-up shots, evaluating shot placement and effectiveness, scanning and breathing, securing the threat after the shooting
        5. Knowledge of Vital Targeting Areas – Cranial vault, upper thoracic cavity (upper chest), pelvic girdle.
        It is a detailed article, and worth the read and, probably, printing or saving. 
          Collapse does not need to be complete or sudden. Collapse tends to be a process, not an event.
            Collapse begins when you can't find any doctors willing to accept Medicaid payments, when the potholes don't get filled even when voters approve millions of dollars in new taxes, and when kids aren't learning anything remotely useful or practical despite the school board raising tens of millions of dollars in additional property taxes.
              Collapse begins when real reform becomes impossible.

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