Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Quick Run Around The Web--November 17, 2015

Marines wait in their foxholes - Peleliu
    Hollande invited the U.S. to 'join our forces' in battle.
      But Obama is sticking to his unloaded guns, despite calling ISIS 'the face of evil' with 'fantasies of glory.'
      To manage and absorb shocks, we must toughen the only common denominator was all tragedy: the citizen.

      If the intervention teams have their place and their role to play, citizens must also have its role to play since it is above all a question of its own security, and more broadly of his life.
        The jihadis fight as though they mean to conquer the world, although their reach exceeds their grasp.
          We fight as though there’s no point or even any need to win, although we could. In our War About Nothing, we cripple our own intelligence, open our borders, and comfort ourselves with false hopes about the efficacy of a phony air war against a canny enemy.
            We may lack the will, but we do not lack the means. God help us if we ever allow the situation to deteriorate to the point where our choices are either suicide [or] genocide.

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