Monday, November 16, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web--November 16, 2015 (Updated)

George Catlin, Attacking the Grizzly Bear (1844)

  • I've posted this before, but it is worth posting again: "The refugee movement is THE movement of the 21st century”--Angela Davis, former president of the Communist Party USA.
  • "Obama On His ISIS Strategy: I’m Not Interested In ‘American Leadership, Or America Winning’"--The Federalist.
  • "Cuban Migrant Wave Prompts Nicaragua Military to Seal Border"--Bloomberg Business. "Nicaragua dispatched its military and police to help close its southern border in a dispute with Costa Rica over the passage of Cuban migrants on their way to the U.S."
  • "Paris terror: Visiting Molenbeek, the police no-go zone that was home to two of the gunmen"--The Independent. "Molenbeek has been connected to almost all of Belgium’s terrorism-related incidents in recent years. Moroccan national Ayoub el-Khazzani, who opened fire with a Kalashnikov on a high-speed Thalys train in August had lived in Molenbeek. French-Algerian Mehdi Nemmouche, who killed four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels last year, spent time in the area. And the two suspected terrorists killed by Belgian police in a shootout in the eastern town of Verviers in January were from Molenbeek. ...  Police say the most dangerous among around 30 Brussels gangs come from Molenbeek." 
  • "Assault Rifles Stolen From Massachusetts Armory"--The Daily Beast. "Six M4 assault rifles, 10 pistols, and several long guns were taken from the armory, according to the source." Update (11/20/2015): Federal authorities have arrested a suspect--James Morales--a former Army Reservist who was out of jail on bail for child rape charges at the time of the theft. He could be Obama's son. On a disquieting note, the article indicates that Morales spent 6 hours engaged in removing the weapons, during which time no one responded to an alarm.
  • "Refugee backlash brewing across the United States"--Washington Post. A couple of the candidates have suggested that refugee admissions be limited to Christians. I agree (although I would also include the Yazidis). I suspect that the Christian and Yazidi communities were small or close knit enough that they would know one another, allowing a mechanism for screening out those pretending to be Christian or Yazidi. 
  • "K-Strategists Want To Shoot Back"--The Anonymous Conservative. "Notice, political conservatives, who would protect their own people by keeping the enemy outside the gates, are seen by the rabbit as being as much of an enemy as the guys with AK’s, grenades, and suicide vests who are killing people."
  • "The Bataclan And The Death Of The Globalist, Secular Utopia"--The Captain's Journal. Warning, bloody photo of the inside of the Bataclan theater. Also note this about the enemy: "Miss Wilson, 49, originally from New Orleans, also told how she witnessed the gunmen deliberately targeting concert-goers in wheelchairs. The gunmen hunted down disabled people who were sat in an area specially set aside for wheelchair users."
  • "What ISIS Really Wants"--The Silicon Graybeard. "There is no negotiation with the Islamic State."
  • "The inevitable blowback from unfettered illegal immigration....this could get nasty folks..."--SNAFU. Noting that it is not what France does in the Middle-East, but what it does inside its own borders that will determine the outcome of this conflict. Also, the author, Solomon, worries that worst case scenario for the United States sees American troops sent to France to protect Muslims from the French.
  • "Europe Is On The Precipice"--The Return of the Kings. "If there are not rebellions in France, Germany, or Sweden by the end of this week from groups who want to preserve their nation and people, Europe is over. If the Europeans are not ready to sacrifice their lives right now to save themselves after the Paris attacks while Muslims are themselves waiting in line to sacrifice their own lives to conquer a new land, then Europe has absolutely no chance of resisting an Islamic takeover, because there will be no other event that can help them wake up and defend themselves. I’m afraid what we’re witnessing is a people who have been so feminized, weakened, and mentally controlled that they simply can’t identify an enemy within their broken gates that threatens their way of life, and is instead aiding the invaders who are actively trying to replace them."
  • "Velocity is great, but mass penetrates."--Ballistics By The Inch.
  • "Many Say High Deductibles Make Their Health Law Insurance All but Useless"--New York Times. I'm sure that for President Goldman Sachs, this is a feature, not a bug: getting people to buy overpriced insurance which they cannot afford to actually use. The largest health insurer in my state has reported a very healthy "surplus" (what non-profits call their profits).
  • "Space station suffers short circuit, power system degraded"--Fox News. They have to wait for a replacement part to be sent up.

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