Monday, September 28, 2015

More on Secret Combinations

I came across a couple other posts on what could be termed "secret combinations." The first is "The Mystery of Pope Francis: Was There A Vatican Coup?" from Powerline. There, the author notes two articles--a review in the National Catholic Register of a newly published authorized biography of retired Belgian cardinal Godfried Danneels, and an article from the American Conservative--that indicate that Denneels was part of a cabal of cardinals (which Deneels refers to as a "mafia club") that opposed Benedict XVI and wished to push "modern" reforms on the Catholic Church. Since Deneels reviewed and approved the biography, this is not something simply made up by a lunatic fringe.

The other was prompted by a comment by President Obama reported in a Daily Mail article, "President Obama tells the UN that America is committed to eradicating global poverty and hunger by 2030 in 'one of the smartest investments we can make in our own future'" The comment? "He called it a 'moral outrage' that many children are just one mosquito bite away from death." Presumably Obama is referring to malaria. The refusal to address the problems with mosquitoes, and the resulting deaths from malaria, are based on a lie created by Rachel Carson and popularized through her book Silent Spring, and subsequently adopted and perpetuated by various governments and international agencies.

It has been noted that "[i]n Silent Spring, Carson crafted a passionate denunciation of modern technology that drives environmentalist ideology today. At its heart is this belief: Nature is beneficent, stable, and even a source of moral good; humanity is arrogant, heedless, and often the source of moral evil. Rachel Carson, more than any other person, is responsible for the politicized science that afflicts our public policy debates today." However, as Robert Zubrin discusses:
While excellent literature, however, Silent Spring was very poor science. Carson claimed that DDT was threatening many avian species with imminent extinction. Her evidence for this, however, was anecdotal and unfounded. In fact, during the period of widespread DDT use preceding the publication of Silent Spring, bird populations in the United States increased significantly, probably as a result of the pesticide’s suppression of their insect disease vectors and parasites. In her chapter “Elixirs of Death,” Carson wrote that synthetic insecticides can affect the human body in “sinister and often deadly ways,” so that cumulatively, the “threat of chronic poisoning and degenerative changes of the liver and other organs is very real.” In terms of DDT specifically, in her chapter on cancer she reported that one expert “now gives DDT the definite rating of a ‘chemical carcinogen.’” These alarming assertions were false as well.
The result? According to Zubrin, "[a]s a result [of the ban on DDT], insect-borne diseases returned to the tropics with a vengeance. By some estimates, the death toll in Africa alone from unnecessary malaria resulting from the restrictions on DDT has exceeded 100 million people."

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