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A Quick Run Around the Web - September 30, 2015

Frederic Remington: Scouts Climbing a Mountain

Survival and Self-Defense:
  • "Knife and Gun"--Rory Miller. He writes: "The serious knife guys are a different level.  Stay close, here, because my definition of serious knife guy may not match anyone else's.  Knife is not a precision skill, not at the serious level.  It is a matter of intent and will.  Knives are close range and messy and the serious knife guys I know focus less on motion than on the context.  They prepare themselves for the smells; the transition when things go from technical to slippery; the feeling of parting tissues transmitted up the blade."
  • "Concealed Carry - How To Protect Yourself At An ATM"--Alien Gear Holsters Blog. Discussing both drive-up and walk-up ATMs.
  • "An Emergency Slush Lamp Hack Using a Torch Plant Leaf"--Survival Sherpa.
  • "Could You Be a Hired Gun After SHTF?"--The Prepper Journal. My personal belief is that our culture is so hung up on certification that, without a military or police background, no one will put you in charge of anything related to defense and/or security. Most people would pick an Army cook over the Man With No Name merely because the cook had been in the Army.
  • "Migrant Crisis Validates Golden Horde Theory Fears"--The Prepper Journal. I understand the author's sentiment, but the migrant crises actually refutes the Golden Horde theory--that people will flee cities to the countryside. The migrants aren't seeking to settle in the abandoned rural villages of Greece, Italy, or Germany. They are instead seeking the metropolitan areas of the richest countries. It is FerFal that has been vindicated, not Rawles.
  • "How to Make an Emergency Survival Kit for Kids at School"--Mom With A Prep. While this article is a great starting point, you really need to consider the realities of the situation in your school district. For instance, my son's school prohibits the kids from bringing book bags into classrooms, so he would not have the kit available in the event of a lock down. There is also the issue of weight--because schools are oriented to teaching to the test, the amount of homework assigned had jumped tremendously. Many children are already hauling unsafe amounts of weight around as they travel to and from school. Is it worth it to add the additional weight? Do they have room to store it in their locker or, if in elementary school, their "cubby." I'm not discounting the idea of a school survival kit, but just that there are other factors to consider--it is not as simple as slinging a Get Home Bag into the trunk of your car.

Other Stuff:
These are the official population projections. My understanding of Africa is not great, but I don't think they're going to get away with this without running into fundamental Malthusian limits at some point.

If they are going to rely on a well-run agricultural economy in Africa to feed all these folks, that relies on political stability, which is historically in short supply in the post-colonial era. With the shifting geopolitical situation, that many desperate young African men, and continuing the historical trends of stability in Africa, agricultural production may be unreliable. A fluctuating malthusian limit produces really ugly scenarios.

With a declining and aging population in the West, increasing transportation and communication ubiquity, a decreasing willingness on the part of civilized people to callously stand by and watch billions of people starve or kill each other, and growing open-borders movements, this phenomenon is unlikely to stay contained in Africa, especially if it gets ugly.

Further, White Westerners are likely to be less and less willing to force their new neighbours to assimilate. Political divides over racism and multiculturalism and such are sure to complicate any effort to cope with the influx. Also relevant is the historical failure of all efforts to fully assimilate Africans in bulk into Western behavioural, cultural, and economic norms, presumably due to certain hard-to-change genetic and cultural factors.

So we might be looking at a billion unassimilated African migrants entering Western societies over the next century, which have a population of approximately a billion. They would become the majority in most cities, especially among the youth.

The influx of Africans into Western societies will likely lead to declining social trust as per Putnam, ethnic conflict, and Whites abandoning the commons as happened in Detroit and South Africa. The rich will retain the ability to live in pleasant gated and rural communities, and otherwise make sure the system stays functional as far as they are concerned.

Beyond that, it is hard to predict how things will go. There are a lot of things that can happen over the next century. Business as usual is the one outcome we can probably disregard.

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