Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web--September 29, 2015 (Updated)

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Miscellaneous Stuff:
  • "One Cheer for Vladimir Putin"--by David P. Goldman. "The great task of diplomacy in the 21st century is a sad and dreary one, namely managing the decline of Muslim civilization. ... It is no job for the idealistic, namely the Americans, nor for the squeamish, namely the Europeans." Goldman warns that the Middle-East could become another version of the 30 Years' War, except with many millions more combatants; and that Putin is the only world leader that is realistic enough, and possessing the military capabilities, to avoid the outbreak of such carnage. From that prospective, the Middle-Eastern migrants may more correctly be viewed as the "rats escaping a sinking ship" and a warning of what is to come. 
  • "Almost All US Temperature Data Used In Global Warming Models Is Estimated or Altered."--Powerline. Which is a problem because (1) while the U.S. only represents 6.6% of the Earth's land area, it's temperature readings account for about half of the data used to determine changes in climate change (so, in fact, it is not "global warming," but U.S. warming), and (2) the adjustments are intended to skew the results to make it appear that the temperatures have been rising.
  • "Yugoslavia’s Warning to America"--The XX Committee. "While it is difficult for anybody who knows the Pentagon well to imagine American generals and admirals getting together to overthrow the civilian government — that would require obscene amounts of PowerPoint and might endanger top brass golden parachutes with Beltway Bandits — the notion of a Civil War 2.0, however terrifying it may be, needs to be faced squarely, if we wish to avoid that awful fate." With that opening comment, the author contends that Yugoslavia's collapse and civil war was the result of a toxic mixture of deficit spending and long growing racial resentment stemming from its own versions of "political correctness," "affirmative action," and fomenting a culture of victim-hood among the "aggrieved" ethnic groups. As the author writes, "the Communists went to great lengths to keep ethnic peace by banning what we would term 'hate speech' while mandating that the official doctrine that Yugoslavia’s diverse peoples really loved each other deeply be placed at the level of quasi-religious dogma." 
  • "Ahmed and the Art of the Psychodrama"--Victor Davis Hanson. How the narrative is crafted, including other suspicious details about Ahmed the Clock Maker and his explanations.
  • "China's Planned City Bubble Is About To Pop--And Even You'll Feel It"--New Geography. "If the last real estate collapse was created due to insanely easy lending policies aimed at the middle and working classes, the current one has its roots largely in a regime of cheap money married to policies of planners who believe that they can shape the urban future from above."
  • "It's Not Your Imagination, Single Women: There Literally Aren't Enough Men Out There"--Vice. Actually, what it is saying is that there aren't enough college educated men for all the college educated women, not that there is literally a shortage of men. In short, a story of when hypergamy collides with the dis-incentives of college misandry and Marriage 2.0.
  • "There Is Water Flowing on Mars As We Speak"--Popular Mechanics.
  • "Vicious, Unprovoked Attack on Elderly Man." (Video at link). More black violence. Pay especial attention to the fact that the attack was accomplished by pure surprise--a vicious predatory attack. What would you have done?
  • "Dueck Defense RBU"--Jerking the Trigger. A red dot mount designed to fit in the rear dovetail of a Glock, but also includes backup iron sights--all in one piece.
  • "BCM to Release KMR Alpha Rails"--Jerking the Trigger. Bravo Company is going to produce a less expensive, all aluminum version of its popular KMR free float tube/rail system.
  • "Your next Middle East crisis? How about regime change in Saudi Arabia!"--SNAFU!

Survival/Self-Defense Stuff:

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