Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web -- September 10, 2015

Source: Total Survivalist
European Immigration Crises:

  • "NYT: ‘Desperate’ Migrants Flee From Terrible, Awful DENMARK"--The Daily Caller. The reason they are fleeing is because Denmark is insisting on documenting them, including taking fingerprints. They don't want to be documented as refugees in Denmark because it is not as free with welfare as Germany.
  • "¡Hay Moros en la Costa! Fake Refugees and Real Threats"--Diplomad. "Far from a refugee crisis, ... what we have in the stunning movement of hundreds-of-thousands of people from the MidEast and North Africa to Europe is an invasion; nothing less than an invasion, and one welcomed by its victims. We see the final convulsions of the already much wounded and battered Old Continent."
  • "The Migrant Conquest of Europe"--The American Spectator.
It seems appropriate here to recall Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall describing the Goths moving west into the Roman Empire at the end of the 4th century, “rendered desolate by the loss of their native country.”
The Barbarians still wore an angry and hostile aspect; but the experience of past times might encourage the hope, that they would acquire the habits of industry and obedience; that their manners would be polished by time, education, and the influence of Christianity; and that their posterity would insensibly blend with the great body of the Roman people.  
    Notwithstanding these specious arguments, and these sanguine expectations, it was apparent to every discerning eye, that the Goths would long remain the enemies, and might soon become the conquerors of the Roman Empire. Their rude and insolent behavior expressed their contempt of the citizens and provincials, whom they insulted with impunity.  
      Call Gibbon’s barbarians what you wish. We can invent many labels for those now in transit — perhaps the “other” or “deprived” will work — to please our modern sensibilities. We can hope for the best.

        But notwithstanding specious arguments and sanguine expectations, Europe faces an existential alien threat. From Charles Martel to the Siege of Vienna, it has resisted invaders and would-be conquerers from Africa and the East. In 2015 it is doing the opposite.

        Other Stuff:

          Unable to hold back anymore, I took the microphone.
            "Hello, everyone," I said.  "I would like to let you guys know a little more about the gay community, since I was raised in it and spent most of my life immersed in it.  It is full of very bold people who absolutely do not want to change their sexuality at all.  They hate when you pray for them.  They hate you in general.
              "You need boundaries.  Your children need boundaries. Don't send your kids off to gay parties with gay neighbors based on the far-fetched hope that gay people will be baptized on their deathbed and thank you for praying them away from their lifestyle.
                "It goes without saying that we all love our fellow human beings and we do things out of love.  It goes without saying that we are sinners and need to evaluate ourselves as well.  But here's what doesn't go without saying, so I'll say it: you are going to have to draw lines and push back at some point."
                  Sighs of relief rose up from the crowd, because countless people had been thinking the same thing I was and just wanted to hear someone say it into the microphone.

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