Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web--September 1, 2015

Abandoned apartment complex in New Orleans (Source: "Hurricane Relocator in Crayon" (2009)).
Firearms and Self-Defense

Current Events and Analysis

At this this time in history the Left may be correct about what truly matters. The institutional Republicans are still playing the game of administration.  By contrast Obama is playing the game of revolution.  By slow degrees the entire political system is coming around to Obama’s point of view.  Perhaps this is no ordinary time.  When Hillary calls Republicans “terrorists” and Obama calls them “crazies”; when Sanders and Trump are outflanking the established wings of their respective parties, each of these in its own way suggests the emphasis of the next ten years will not be on public administration but on determining the power relationships within America and among the countries of the world. (underline added).

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