Monday, August 17, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web--August 17, 2015

Some of the articles that caught my attention today:

  1. "Evolving BACK to LBE's!" Solomon notes the trend (fashion?) from load bearing equipment (LBE) to load bearing vests, which were abandoned in favor of battle belts, which grew too heavy requiring suspenders, putting us back to the "improved" LBE.
  2. "Self Defense Training....Pelvic shots are catching on! What are the implications?

Our culture has continued to slide giggling into the pit. It is now thirty years since you last heard anyone hum a tune from a current popular song. Concerts of serious music rarely include anything less than half a century old. Very few of us could name a living painter or architect. Entire years pass when no American outside the academy spontaneously quotes a line of verse written by any American poet younger than Elizabeth Bishop (b. 1911), or a British poet younger than Philip Larkin (b. 1922). The middlebrow novel is slipping into extinction. Movies are an extension of the comic-book industry; only TV drama shows occasional flashes of brilliance. The churches are branch offices of Globalist Multiculturalism, Inc.: the Episcopal church in my sleepy, 360-year-old Long Island town advertises Misa en EspaƱol.

    Forbidden by Supreme Court decree to test job applicants for ability, employers demand college degrees as proxies, obliging parents either to beggar themselves or to see their children loaded with debt after four prime young-adult years learning nothing much. The colleges themselves are hotbeds of Cultural Marxism, padding out their prospectuses with intellectually worthless Grievance Studies courses, awarding degrees to illiterate black athletes, and writhing in frenzies of agonized self-abasement when someone is seen wearing a hood on campus.Police and Fire Departments, to avoid diversity lawsuits, allow black female cadets to walk through their test fitness runs. Other working- and lower-middle-class employments are sold off to low-bidding H-1B visa holders or illegal aliens. Homosexuals can pretend to be “married,” and if you peaceably express disapproval you will be hounded from your job. Submarine crews are co-ed.

    It is all progressing as Spengler foretold in the early 20th Century, and Isaiah described from his day and age witnessing the waning of the empire built by David and Solomon. Read the whole thing.

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