Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Narcos Have Had Enough with the Self-Defense Forces

Once I'd read that the Mexican government wanted to register the members of the self-defense forces to legitimize them, I knew this was coming. From Borderland Beat:
According to police reports, on April 5th around 22:00 hours, elements of the Navy made the arrest of 13 civilians in the municipality of Múgica which prompted the mobilization of residents of the community, who rang the bells alerting the rest of the population of a tense situation.

People identified as self-defense members of the municipality of Nueva Italia carried out roadblocks on access roads to the county seat; this is because the Mexican Army and the Navy are initiating an operation to disarm the self-defense movement.

So far there are reports that elements of the federal security and army have withdrawn from the municipality of Nueva Italia amid the threat of a confrontation with the population.

The roadblocks are reported on Cuatro Caminos, La Estación and on the exit to Nuevo Conróndiro, where it is also indicated that access and presence of the media has been denied and the entrance of any vehicle, increasing the number of self-defense members at the points where the barricades are at.

According to reports, during the blockades, various members of the self-defense groups have said that their communities will never again be held hostage by criminals, murderers, kidnappers, and extortionists. They denounced the complicity of the authorities with organized crime groups; so that the organized crime groups can take control of the communities again.

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