Friday, April 25, 2014

First They Came for the Guns....

While we associate gun control and usurpation of the government with the Nazis, we should not forget more recent examples. From the Powerline Blog:
In June 2012, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez banned all sales of firearms and ammunition to civilians....

The United Nations hailed Chavez’s campaign to get guns out of the hands of ordinary Venezuelans.
Now, socialist Venezuela is in a state of collapse, with rampant inflation and shortages of basic necessities, like food. Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans, probably millions, have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the government’s corrupt incompetence. The socialist government, now headed by Nicolas Maduro, has responded with a brutal crackdown in which dozens of anti-socialist Venezuelans have been murdered by government forces or paramilitary, pro-government gangs that–who could have guessed?–are heavily armed, despite the country’s “progressive” firearms laws.
Read the whole thing.

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