Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Hate It When People Do This

That is, give you some nebulous statement that is enough to pique your curiosity, but not enough information to use. I'm talking about the post at Sipsey Street Irregulars about some sort of super weapon:
I was also recently briefed on an entire class of weapons that have absolutely nothing to do with smokeless powder that are so efficient at what they do, so nimble at defeating countermeasures and so permanently disabling in their effects. and so affordable, that I was horrified -- so horrified that I sat in stunned amazement repeating softly, as the briefing went on, "Jesus wept." Universal deployment of such weapons would end the ability of raid stacks of armed uniformed thugs to work their will upon people -- AND end the ability of people to exercise their First Amendment rights to oppose tyranny in traditional ways. I cannot be more specific because it represents an exponential "mutual assured destruction" escalation of the arms race between free men and tyrants. It is important to remember that this country and her people, divided as we are, have other enemies and they need no tutorial from me on future tactics and weapons. Suffice it to say that the "authorities" could magically make ALL smokeless powder weapons disappear and they would only rue in bitter anguish the day that they did. It would be, truly, a Pandora's box of human misery and destruction.
He links to an article and video on a Gauss gun (little more than a toy) and an EMP weapon, but I suspect that it is more to show you what he is NOT talking about, than provide clues. Chime in if you have any more information or guesses.

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