Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?"

An essay by Ellen Brown at the Web of Debt blog.

I think the mistake people make is believing that that there is some specific incident that motivates the planning of Homeland Security or other government agencies--that somewhere, someone has specific foreknowledge of some impending doom. While the government has access to more intelligence and data, it does not have any special powers of precognition. Rather, it assesses probabilities, clouded by biases and political pressures. A monkey randomly picking various "contingencies" out of hat could probably be as accurate. But, in short, if there are particular current events garnering attention, the government will shape its training and planning around those events, much like television dramas tend to reflect trends or issues in the public eye.

Rather, these training exercises should be viewed in the context of two problematic principles governing all such training exercises and contingency plans. First, the over-arching goal of "continuity of government" (i.e., maintaining the current power structure and players) placed ahead of all other considerations. Second, the basic distrust of the public revealed by such planning and exercises. The government fears the "golden hoard" as much or more than the most paranoid survivalists.

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