Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Shooting (Updated)

The media coverage of mass shootings is disgusting. First, the media response is pretty much scripted anymore--drive the anti-gun hysteria, torture the families and friends with endless stories about the tragedy, scare people, and encourage copycats.

Second, the odds of being in such a situation is incredibly low. The MSM spends little time actually discussing the very low odds of children dying from a school shooting as opposed to playing sports, or walking across busy intersections and roads to get to/from school, or in auto accidents getting to/from school, etc.

Third, the media and our government overlords rarely discuss any realistic responses. Obama is already hinting at gun control, perhaps through executive orders. Eric Holder (the person that tried to justify increased gun control via Fast-and-Furious) suggests the same. (Although one Texas school district is apparently willing to let its teachers carry firearms). In its witch hunt against firearms owners, the media passes over the many incidents where suicidal gunmen have been stopped or dissuaded by armed citizens, including the recent shooting at the Clackamas Mall in Oregon. The fact is, the police can't protect against these or any other type of crime--their job is to clean up the mess after the fact. In fact, there is little that the government could or should do. (However, if we see more gun control, I would be perfectly willing to support strict control over the media reporting on mass shootings).

Finally, there is too little coverage from the MSM on the hypocrisy of our overlords. Mayor Bloomberg, for instance, enjoys security (including armed guards) that the rest of us could never afford. He should just shut up about gun control because he has no "skin in the game" so to speak.

Update: For those who are thinking of supporting an "assault weapon" ban, Connecticut already had a ban on so-called "assault weapons," including the type used in the shooting.

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