Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fall Out from the Sandy Hook Shooting (Updated)

The Associated Press states that Cerberus Capital Management is announcing it will sell its stake in Freedom Group, which brands include Bushmaster (one of the brands of the guns used by the shooter), Remington, and others. Cerberus reportedly disclaims that the decision is a result of the shooting, but the story notes that one of Cerberus' large investors is the California State Teachers Retirement System, which had threatened to pull its money out of Cerberus.

The story also notes that Dick's Sporting Goods has ceased selling modern sporting rifles, and that some Republicans (unnamed in the article) are indicating a willingness to discuss gun control. The significance of the latter is questionable, though, since "gun control" has not generally been a party-line issue.

UpdateThe Truth About Guns is reporting that Cheaper Than Dirt is suspending its gun sales. I rarely used CTD because its shipping and handling charges are generally excessive, but this may be a further excuse to not order from it.

Also, TTAG reports some other companies caving. NBC Sports has announced its cancellation of coverage of shooting sports. And the Discovery Channel appears to have pulled "American Guns" and, possibly, "Sons of Guns."

Walmart has pulled ads for certain of its rifles, and stopped sales of Bushmaster rifles according to other sources.

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