Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More on the Besieged Chinese Town

 A couple days ago I posted a link to a Fox News article about a tiny Chinese village that had risen up in protest against the corrupt local officials. The result had been a cordon to shut off food and supplies reaching the village. Other media outlets have now picked up the story. This story from MSNBC has more detail than the article I originally cited to.
Moore also reports that the town has enough food to last ten more days and that the security cordon is in fact still in effect (Click here to read more on how Malcolm Moore slipped through the security cordon).

That we know anything about this explosive story – which has been months in the making but appears to be coming to a head this week – is largely due to Moore, who earlier successfully slipped through the security cordon and since has been filing articles and Tweets on events occurring within Wukan. (Follow him on twitter: @MalcolmMoore)

The reports have given everyone a rare inside look at the mindset and mechanics of a popular uprising in China--a rarity for foreign journalists who often face tight, sometimes arbitrary restrictions, and harassment by local government forces when trying to report on issues deemed sensitive.
Mr. Moore's written report is published here, by The Telegraph and, of course, provides even more details.

The villagers are hoping that the central Chinese government will come to their assistance by removing the corrupt local officials. Probably a bad bet on the part of the protestors. A government's first priority is maintaining its power (sometimes called "continuity of government"), which, unfortunately for these protestors, means that the central government will choose maintaining "order" over allowing self-help. The best they can probably hope for is that the central government makes a big show of arresting the protestors, but quietly investigates and prosecutes the local officials.

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