Monday, December 12, 2011

Chinese Police Shut Off Food and Supplies to Town

Fox News is reporting that police have shut off food and supplies to a Chinese town that has been the scene of some rioting started by an incident of police brutality, but is now apparently being fueled by anger at official corruption. From the story:

Armed police have now formed a barrier round the edges of the town to prevent supplies getting to its 20,000 angry residents, who claim that corrupt officials have sold farmers' land to rich developers.

Wukan townspeople claimed online that teargas was fired at them by police during protests over the weekend and they posted images on social networking site of residents armed with sticks and farming equipment.

"Even people coming to send rice and wheat flour into the village have been chased away [by police]," one resident wrote, "but we will not give in to corrupt officials. We will protect our homes with our fists."
I had come across a blog recently where the author discussed "covert bug-out plans" for when the authorities don't want anyone to leave town or city. The author's concern seemed to be the quarantine of a city, but would be applicable to a siege, such as in this case. I'll see if I can find the posting.

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