Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Police in London do nothing to control mob violence. Although I still have not seen anything confirming the ethnicity/religion of the rioters, the article refers to "youth gangs" which generally, in the European press, means "Muslim youth gangs." Note that residents of the affected areas had to flee the area. However, since England has such strict gun control, and therefore must be a crime-free utopia, I have a hard time believing these reports. (H/T Instapundit).

Another lesson in "the end justifies the means." "U.S. Doubles Down on Sinaloa Cartel." It's not enough that the Feds have allowed thousands of civilian firearms to be smuggled into Mexico (ostensibly to support its argument that thousands of civilian firearms are being smuggled into Mexico), and allowed tens of thousands of military arms to fall into the hands of the drug cartels, but the Feds have allowed one cartel to bring billions of dollars of drugs into the U.S. for information on another cartel. (Didn't Germany do this type of thing in WWI? Something about smuggling some harmless idiot into Russia ... some guy named Lenin...). Anyway, glad to see that the loss of our civil rights and billions of tax dollars has finally brought us to this great point in history where we are on the cusp of winning the war on drugs.

And finally, two stories to file in the "do as I say, not as I do," category. First, our top tax cheat (otherwise known as the Secretary of the Treasury) tells the Europeans to get their fiscal house in order. (H/T). Second, China, which has roundly criticized the U.S. debt problems, apparently has built its house on sand as well: "China's Debt Problem Worse Than Portugal's."

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