Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Article: "Gang of 70 loot México state supermarket en masse"

An article from Mexico News Daily relates:
       Alarm caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is creating security problems in México state, where a gang of over 70 people looted a grocery store in the municipality of Tecámac on Monday night.
          Dozens of men and women rushed a Bodega Aurerra Express supermarket and ransacked the shelves and displays, leaving them bare in their wake.
            A video shared on social media by a neighbor of the store showed the empty shelves and random products scattered on the floor and out in the street.
             Outnumbering employees and security personnel, the looters took food, alcohol and even money. Some employees were reported to have made off with some of the products not taken by looters.
        And note with care this:
        Calls for widespread looting in México state have been making the rounds on social media for the last few days. Various Facebook groups, with names like “Covid-19 Looting” and “Looting 2020” have been promoting the idea of mass pillaging events, claiming impending food shortages.

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