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January 9, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

"Adler A110 Review"--The Hunting Gear Guy. Other than reproductions of the old Winchester lever action shotguns, I was not aware that anyone made such shotguns.

     It used to be conventional wisdom to have a 12 gauge at the ready for self defense. Then, slowly, the tactical world fell back in love with the handgun under the guides of manoeuvrability [sic] within the home. The thinking was that the handgun, being a smaller package, was better for one to clear their home. ...
         ... However, Thunder Ranch posits that this significant manoeuvrability [sic] advantage is overstated. While sure, the shotgun is a longer weapon, when presented to a target its really not significantly longer than the handgun at full arm extension in the proper firing position. They back this up with a quick demonstration of a common Mossberg 500, an over-under and a full-size 1911.
    Sigh. There are several reasons to select a handgun over a long gun if you are moving about in your house. Massad Ayoob has written on this topic:
    I teach the handgun as “infantry,” the long gun as “artillery.” If I have to go mobile, I want a hand free to work communications, illumination, doorknobs, etc. If I have to scoop a little kid and carry same to a safer position, a handgun will be more workable. Same if I have to answer an insistent 3 AM pounding at the door…which might just be a cop, who won’t take it well if I open the door holding a 12-gauge or a .223 rifle. But if the whole family is barricaded in the safe room and criminals are kicking down the door, it’s probably shooting time, and a .223 class autoloading rifle or a fast-firing shotgun gives way more power and hit potential on multiple targets in unforgiving circumstances.
    There is also the issue that it is generally easier to disarm someone with a long-arm than a handgun. 
    As far as the maneuverability, notice that the qualifier is with "the handgun at full arm extension in the proper firing position." I've done plenty of practice trying to move about my house with a handgun, rifle and shotgun. The narrow interior corridor of my home, which is typical of most residences, and the narrow interior doorways, severely restricts the ability to move about with a long gun. It is impossible to get through a doorway with the shotgun up and extended without poking the muzzle way out (where it could be grabbed), and then I have to slide the muzzle around the corner and down the corridor before I can bodily clear the door enough to see where I've the barrel pointing. I agree that with a handgun at full arm extension, the maneuvering can be difficult as well. But here is the difference: I can pull the handgun in closer to me when making the same maneuver (barrel still pointed ahead), thus largely alleviating the risk of having the muzzle grabbed or sweeping across something I can't see, and making if physically easier to maneuver through the doorway and around the corner. (See also "When to Use a Handgun vs. a Shotgun for Home Defense" by Jason Hanson at USA Carry).

    Other Stuff:
    • First one: "The only thing they didn't steal were job applications."
    • Second: "Why do they leave out the fact that they all appeared to be colored folks?"
    • Third: "Gee how did I know just by reading the headline that the perps were black? Seriously! Uncivilized animals."
    • Fourth: "Who paid for the bus when they can't even pay for 7-Eleven goods?"
    • Fifth: "Just as fast as Barach is emptying our prisons they filling right back up."
    The remaining ones are all similar to the foregoing.
    • Speaking of which, Rod Dreher has penned a piece at The American Conservative worth the read: "The Cathedral Interprets The Chicago Attack." The article begins as an attack on the main stream media attempting to ignore or overlook the racial and political aspects of the attack of four blacks on a mentally retarded white youth. However, Dreher then concedes that:
    The alt-right movement promotes many ideas, some of them stupid ..., many of them bad, some of them evil. But the most true and useful thing it ... has come up with is the concept of the Cathedral[.]
    He then goes on to quote a list of characteristics of the Cathedral, which is sometimes referred to as the Establishment. Read the whole thing.
    • Thank a fracker: "Mexican Ford Plant Workers Blame Trump For Dashed Dreams"--AP. Ford has decided to cancel construction of a new Ford Focus plant that had been planned for northern Mexico. The plant was anticipated to employ 2,800 people. The reason for the cancellation is the decline in popularity of the Focus due to the drop in gasoline prices. However, the plant workers and local officials are blaming Donald Trump. The real issue here, however, is that, as the Anonymous Conservative explains, "we have conditioned the rest of the world to expect that we will shoot ourselves in the foot to bring them happiness."
    • Related: "Muslim Persecution of Christians"-- Raymond Ibrahim at American Thinker. He reports that the number of incidents of Muslims attacking Christian churches has been increasing.

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