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January 26, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

"What it's like to be colour blind: Fascinating images reveal how the world appears to people with the condition"--Daily Mail. More comparison photographs at the link. My father-in-law suffers from colorblindness. His tastes in colors (for clothing and furniture) is atrocious, but, on the other hand, camouflage is mostly ineffective on him.

  • "Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich"--The New Yorker. The article is a compilation of interviews with people among the Silicon Valley elite and the Wall Street elite about why they are prepping. Essentially it comes down to one thing: fear that the peasants will revolt. The reason for the revolt may vary (some see wealth disparatey as a factor, others fear that those who lose their job to AI and automation will seek revenge) , but the consensus is that the fabric of society is or will be breaking down.  The levels of preparation vary considerable. But the one thing that is very common is having a bolt hole: generally a "vacation home" overseas or in a remote location in the United States. One of the those interviewed, Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, indicated that he believed that about 50% of the tech millionaires in Silicon Valley had such preparations.
  • "Liberal Preppers Stock Up On Guns, Food As Trumpocalypse Looms"--Vocativ. Worried that we will do to them what they had planned for us, liberals are suddenly discovering prepping.
  • I stumbled upon a new site that may interest some of you: Sure Shot Magazine. It appears to be a digital version of a paper magazine on firearms and self-defense. The magazine's intended audience is women, but there are articles of general interest. For example, this current issue (#19) has an article on how to build your own DIY target stands.
  • "BREAKING: P320 Remains as the Lone Modular Pistol; P250 is DISCONTINUED"--The Firearms Blog
  • "BREAKING: The Remington RP9 is Out in the Wild… And Already Having Problems"--The Firearms Blog. The two problems are: (i) the slide release can flex in the middle, preventing left slide release from actually releasing the slide; and (ii) more serious, "when the magazine is not fully loaded, the RP9 exhibits an erratic feed path, and the bullet is able to ram into the gap between the feed ramp in the barrel and the frame." The article includes several videos from various sources. The Military Arms Channel video seems to show that the latter problem is when the firearm fails to fully eject a round, and the next round in line is able to come up fully before being pushed into the bottom edge of the feed ramp.

Other Stuff:
  •  Fred Karger, an LGBT activist, has been wanting to run television ads encouraging people to come forward with "damaging" financial documents concerning the LDS Church. His goal is to amass information to convince the IRS to remove the religious tax exemption for the Church. Originally, Comcast refused to air his ads because Karger could not substantiate some of the claims made in his ad. However, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, Comcast has changed its mind. I believe that Karger's actions are a direct consequence of the "camel's nose" effect: by attempting some minor compromise with LGBT groups, the Church has merely encouraged them.
  • It is still early: "Islam Is Taking Over Europe – ‘Without Swords, Without Guns, Without Conquest’"--Observer. An excerpt:
           Archbishop Liberati made the case that Western secularism and decadence have invited Islam’s rise; the idea being that a spiritual vacuum will draw in the only religious fire extant. Most secularists would counter that modernity will mold Europe’s Muslim generations as it has her Christian ones, with the siren of secularism slaying faith with science and reason. Tomorrow belongs to atheism.
             Yet the findings of demographic and sociological science don’t actually back up that statement. Studies show that younger Muslim generations in Europe are actually more jihadist-oriented—some would say more pious—than their elders. There is, however, another factor that runs contrary to conventional wisdom.
               Over the next few decades, the world in general will become more religious, not less so.
                And Muslims—whose nations show little sign of decreasing religiosity—are growing faster than any other religious group.
                 Since the fall of the Aztec Empire, the myth of a lost city built of white stone and buried deep in the Honduran jungle — in a region so dense and dark early cartographers labeled it the "Gates of Hell" — has persisted among explorers, archaeologists and especially the Honduran people, whose national identity has long grappled with the mystery. What began as a report to the emperor from Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes in 1526 bloomed in the imagination and scattered like seeds across the Americas and abroad, the stories evolving over the next 400 years, inspiring one expedition after the next into the Honduran interior in search of what ultimately became known as the White City, or the Lost City of the Monkey God. 
                 In April 2012, author Douglas Preston, in conjunction with a band of scientists and filmmakers, joined the hunt, unable to resist what team leader Steve Elkins called the "lost city virus." ... Before the team could survey the region on foot, however — what archaeologists call "groundtruthing" — it first surveyed the region by air, employing NASA's LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to map the terrain beneath the rainforest's nearly impenetrable canopy. 
                 ... What they found not only confirmed the rumors of a great lost city — the LiDAR images revealed pyramids, plazas and other man-made shapes — but an entirely new civilization, a culture distinct from the Mayas, but comparable in size and sophistication. Three years later, with the backing of the Honduran government, the team set foot in the jungle for the first time, machetes in hand, slashing their way through "a lost world, a place that did not want us and where we did not belong." 
            Frank Luntz, who can only be described as the most flaccidly moderate centrist on Earth, was attacked outside his D.C. hotel on Saturday for being a “fascist.”
              So let me be very clear: every single person to the right of Frank ... Luntz is now considered a Nazi. That means you.
                And if you think lefties would stop there; if you think they will cheer the first punch and not the 9th and 10th that leave you brain damaged; if you think they will draw the moral line somewhere after beating the shit out of you but somewhere before killing you; you are wrong.
                  And your death will be cheered on Twitter. And the people who dare claim that your murder was wrong will be chastised. Because you are a Nazi.
                    They dehumanize and unperson us for this very purpose; so they can treat us like sub humans.
                      Donald Trump’s election is a miracle. The fact that the right wing in this country has been gifted one last chance at power is almost beyond belief. It looked for all the world that 8 years of Obama were to be followed by 4 of Hillary, after which our Supreme Court would be stacked left, millions of illegals amnestied, and the American right wing tossed in the dustbin of history.
                        Thanks to the most remarkable run in political history, Donald Trump won the 2016 election. It has granted us one last chance at power. We will never get another.
                          Donald Trump’s election may have given us a lifeline, but it has also raised the stakes tremendously. There is no turning back now. If the left ever gets back in power, they will be merciless. If power is returned to the bloodthirsty mobs who have explicitly justified open violence against the right, they will be openly violent against the right. And we will never see that power again.

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