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A Quick Run Around the Web -- January 16, 2017

"CHEAP SHOT™- Affordable Broadheads"--Cold Steel. The broad heads are made of polymer. It looks nice, but some states (including Idaho) do not allow the use of simple 2 bladed broadheads, but require 3 or 4 blades.

Jonah is smarter than this. He understands the difference between a nation - a group of homogeneous people - and a state - a sovereign political entity. He's written about the Kurds before, so he knows there is a Kurdish nation but not a Kurdish state. He's written about the Soviet Union before, so he knows there was a Soviet state despite there being no such thing as a Soviet nation.
As I look through other headlines and reflect on much of what has transpired over the last 8 or so years, I'm convinced that we have reached the stage where there is no American nation, just a state. Just a few examples from news stories and op-eds that I've seen over the last couple of days:
  • Victor Davis Hansen writes, in his piece entitled "Trump and the American Divide," about the cultural divide between the coastal liberal enclaves, and the rest of America--"Red America" or "Fly Over Country" as it is otherwise described in the media--and how it lay behind Trump's election victory. He writes:
As the nation became more urban and its wealth soared, the old Democratic commitment from the Roosevelt era to much of rural America—construction of water projects, rail, highways, land banks, and universities; deference to traditional values; and Grapes of Wrath–like empathy—has largely been forgotten. A confident, upbeat urban America promoted its ever more radical culture without worrying much about its effects on a mostly distant and silent small-town other. In 2008, gay marriage and women in combat were opposed, at least rhetorically, by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in their respective presidential campaigns. By 2016, mere skepticism on these issues was viewed by urban elites as reactionary ignorance. In other words, it was bad enough that rural America was getting left behind economically; adding insult to injury, elite America (which is Democrat America) openly caricatured rural citizens’ traditional views and tried to force its own values on them. Lena Dunham’s loud sexual politics and BeyoncĂ©’s uncritical evocation of the Black Panthers resonated in blue cities and on the coasts, not in the heartland. Only in today’s bifurcated America could billion-dollar sports conglomerates fail to sense that second-string San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protests of the national anthem would turn off a sizable percentage of the National Football League’s viewing audience, which is disproportionately conservative and middle American. These cultural themes, too, Trump addressed forcefully.
He also notes:
Indeed, one irony of the 2016 election is that identity politics became a lethal boomerang for progressives. After years of seeing America reduced to a binary universe, with culpable white Christian males encircled by ascendant noble minorities, gays, feminists, and atheists—usually led by courageous white-male progressive crusaders—red-state America decided that two could play the identity-politics game. In 2016, rural folk did silently in the voting booth what urban America had done to them so publicly in countless sitcoms, movies, and political campaigns.
We have a deeply divided state ethnically, culturally, and so on, It will only become more divided with additional immigration. And with that divide will come more instability. The Soviet Union peaceably broke apart, for the most part. There is no guarantee that the U.S. will break apart peaceably and, given the intermixing of populations, I am sure that the break up will not be peaceful.
The report, from the Geneva-based International Labour Organisation (ILO), states that the economies of developing nations in Arica, Asia, and South America cannot keep pace with the number of young people entering the workforce. The result, especially in Africa, will mean that many are ready to migrate and look for jobs elsewhere – and their main target will likely be Europe Die Welt reports. 
It also indicates:
In sub-Saharan Africa, which has some of the highest birth rates in the world, an estimated one-third of all people say they are willing to migrate for work. Some migrants are willing to look for work in neighbouring countries, but for many the ideal destination is Europe; specifically Germany given its current status as the strongest economy in the European Union. 
Edger Rice Burrough's book The Lost Continent assumed that Europe would descend into savagery following the Great War (the story was originally written in 1915), but if he were writing it now, he would probably set the story background as a Third World invasion. 

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