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October 8, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

We’ve also learned that Jason Falconer was approached by the attacker, knives in hand, and asked if he was a Muslim. The attacker then came at him, and Falconer produced his weapon. The attacker then fled, with Falconer in pursuit. 
Falconer is seen running after the attacker in a Macy’s store. The attacker turns down an aisle, then stops, and gets down on the floor.  He then jumps up and charges at Falconer.  Falconer fires and retreats, backing up at right angles to the attacker.  Just after Falconer fires another shot, and the attacker goes down, Falconer trips going backward, and falls down himself, eerily similar to Kim Woodman falling backward while firing on a charging brown bear earlier this year.
    It isn’t over yet.  Falconer gets back up, and displays his badge.  The attacker manages to regain his feet.  The two engage in a cat and mouse dance among the displays. It looks as if Falconer is expecting the attacker to go back down, but he keeps on moving.  Then in a grotesque, Monty Pythonesque attack, he comes at Falconer again.
      Falconer is forced to backpedal as the attacker comes at him. The attacker spins around and comes at Falconer by fast walking backward at him.  Falconer is forced to shoot at least twice more.  It is easy to see how defenders may end up shooting attackers in the back. This video is likely to be used in court in many future shooting defenses.
        If you only look at stills from that sequence, it appears as if Falconer is pursuing the attacker and shooting him as he runs away. In fact, the opposite is happening. The attacker is advancing backward with Falconer retreating as he fires. It is a good example of how images can fool the eye.
          We’re told that Falconer hit the attacker a total of six times. The attacker finally died of exsanguination (bleeding out). ...
          • "New From Ruger: LCP II Pistol"--The Truth About Guns. Changes include a last shot hold-open and a (purportedly) better trigger. It can use the 6-shot LCP magazines (although the slide will not lock back), but not the 7-round magazines.
          • Disasters bring out the best in us ... and the worst, in others:
            South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is warning residents to watch for fraudulent emails that have shown up as Hurricane Matthew moved along the coast.

              The governor said Saturday that people are receiving emails stating that they have an update on power outages. Haley said the email provides a link to get the update.

                The governor said those who click on the link have opened their computer to hackers.

                  Haley says it's important for people to be sure they recognize the sender of emails before opening them. She says those from unknown senders should be deleted.

                  Other Stuff:
                  • Related: "ISIS RECRUIT 'SERIAL KILLERS' ISIS to send wannabe ‘serial killers’ to the West in bloody new terror tactic"--The Sun. The article claims that "[t]he hate group is now urging extremists living in Europe and the US to carry out frequent and random knife attacks in cities, towns and villages." The article also indicates that ISIS is even giving advice on the best knives to use. And the reason for knives (besides the fact that they are readily available and easily concealed)? "[B]ecause it is easier to carry out large numbers of murders without getting caught." Believe it ... or not. 
                  When it comes to intelligence, children take after their mother, according to the researchers at the University of Washington. It is the woman who is more likely to transmit genes that shape the child’s intelligence. Researchers supported their findings by noting that genes influencing intelligence are carried on the X chromosome, and women have two of these. Men, or fathers, have only a single X chromosome. 

                  Similar research conducted in the past has corroborated the findings. However, the recently concluded study by researchers in Glasgow, Scotland, adds that genes responsible for advanced cognitive functions are inherited from the father’s side as well. But they are either automatically deactivated or remain suppressed.
                  The "badthink" here is the idea that intelligence is inherited. Most of the articles on this topic miss that point, seeing this as just more evidence of how important are women (mothers). However, Forbes immediately denounced the research, reassuring us that, although there is no doubt that there inheritable components of intelligence, "we cannot really define intelligence, and cannot separate it from culture." A perfect example, I guess, of speaking out both sides of one's mouth. In any event, in doing a Google search of this topic, I discovered that several of the links to articles are dead, even though they are from articles written about a week ago, suggesting that reporting on this research is a thought crime.
                    Demonstrators took to the streets Saturday in several towns across France to protest the government's plan to relocate migrants from the squalid Calais "Jungle" camp that is being shut down to their communities.

                      Around 250 people joined a march in Forges-les-Bains, about 30 kilometres (18 miles) southwest of Paris, against a migrant reception centre which opened Monday, housing 44 Afghans, an AFP journalist at the scene reported.

                        "The state forced this centre on us but I for one don't intend to just put up and shut up," said Lea, a young mother of two, who declined to give her surname.

                          Valerie Rigal, a leader of the marchers who are calling for a "moratorium" on further arrivals, insisted the villagers were not opposed to all migrants.

                            "We're not against migrants. We would have happily taken migrant families. What we didn't want was single men only," she said.

                              "My daughter takes the bus outside the centre every day. She's worried about running into groups of strange men."

                                The leafy hamlet of 3,700 residents, surrounded by woodland and corn fields, is expected to receive 91 asylum seekers. They are to be accommodated in an imposing disused hospital surrounded by high fencing.
                                The [joint Department of Justice and EEOC] report--"Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement"--highlighted barriers to diversity within police departments, such as “the use of criminal background checks” which the researchers found “is likely to disproportionately impact racial minority applicants.”
                                We know that use of criminal background checks disproportionately impact racial minorities, because racial minorities disproportionately commit crimes. The stupidity of this is staggering. Police rely on trust between them and the community; trust that will disappear once criminal organizations infiltrate these agencies. Also, how are these police supposed to do their job if they cannot legally possess a firearm under federal law? Or will that be waived as well? Even just a few years ago, the suggestion that the government would replace police with criminal gangs was the stuff of far right conspiracy theories, and yet we are seeing the first step in that direction. Truly we live in amazing times in more ways than one.
                                Leaked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s personal email account published by WikiLeaks reveal the Clinton campaign’s coordination with George Soros’s Open Society Foundations on the subject of police reform. (Underline added).
                                  Panelists [at the Clinton Global Initiative] described the theoretical and actual costs of tribalism, nationalism, and populism. They imagined themselves a refugee, an immigrant, a villager coping with hunger and disease. But they could not imagine themselves—could never imagine themselves—a supporter of Brexit or of Donald J. Trump.

                                      Giridharadas followed up with Clinton over email. How do you balance, he asked, “help for Kenya with care for Kentucky, in an age when Kentucky anger threatens to push the United States toward less engagement in foreign problems?”

                                          Clinton’s response was perceptive. “What you call ‘Kentucky anger,’” he wrote, “is being fed in part by the feeling that the most powerful people in the government, economy, and society no longer care about them, or look down on them.” And with some justification.

                                              This is a moment of dissociation—of unbundling, fracture, disaggregation, dispersal. But the disconnectedness is not merely social. It is also political—a separation of the citizenry from the governments founded in their name. They are meant to have representation, to be heard, to exercise control. What they have found instead is that ostensibly democratic governments sometimes treat their populations not as citizens but as irritants.
                                              Read the whole thing.

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