Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web


  • "Shot Placement, Incapacitation And Conventional Wisdom"--Massad Ayoob at Guns Magazine. Yesterday, I had posted a link to an article discussing the fact that even good hits to the center of mass will not necessarily disable an attacker, so I thought it was fortuitous to come across this article by Mas Ayoob which discusses the effectiveness of a shot to the pelvic girdle. He writes:
Jim Cirillo was a good friend of mine from the early 1970’s until his death, and I learned a great deal from him, his partner Bill Allard, and other members of the legendary NYPD Stakeout Squad. In Jim’s Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights (Paladin Press) he said, “We found that whenever we shot gunmen in the pelvis or butt, they were knocked off their feet. They could still be dangerous, but at least their aim would be disturbed.”
    Obviously, an offender wielding a knife or club would be out of action at that point since—without mobility—they could no longer approach to stab or strike. And even a downed gunman would now be stabilized and much easier to hit with a (hopefully) fight-stopping brain shot if he tried to shoot from the ground. More recently, a retired SEAL with extensive combat experience told me pelvic shots worked dynamically for him and his colleagues.
      Can the pelvic hit fail? Of course. A mere hairline fracture of the pelvic girdle—or just a neat, round hole drilled through it—can’t be expected to have much immediate effect. A bullet that merely chips the top off the ileac crest is about like shooting the tail fin off a 1959 Cadillac, it simply won’t break down the whole machine. But put a powerful handgun bullet close to where the pelvis joins the femur, and instant collapse is highly likely. Ditto a bullet that smashes the sacrum. Pelvic shots may not guarantee “1-shot stops,” but neither do head or center chest shots. 
      Read the whole thing.
      • Remington is releasing new polymer framed, striker fired handguns in 9 mm (the RP 9) and in .45 ACP (RP45). They look to have an ambidextrous slide release and a magazine release that can be switched from one side to another. It also sports an accessory rail with 3 slots (unlike Glock's one slot).
      • "Getting the balance right."--Survival UK. Skean Dhude writes about the knowns and unknowns of prepping, and trying to strike the right balance between competing priorities. He notes, for instance:
      The issues for me are simple;
      • I know that my preps are only to enable a smooth transition from the current situation to the new situation.
      • I do not know what the event will be.
      • I do not know when the event will occur, if at all.
      • I am not rich but I am reasonably well off.
      This means that;
      • I do not know what I need to put aside.
      • I do not know how long I have to prepare.
      • I must prepare slowly and make best use of my resources, time and money.
      • "Storing Eggs for Survival, by J.D."--Survival Blog.
      • "8 Snow-Hardy Vegetables You (Really) Can Grow During Winter"--Off The Grid News. The crops the author mentions are: spinach, leeks, kale and collards, parsnips, lettuce, cabbage, turnips, and chard. The author notes others: surrey, arugula, rhubarb, beets, rutabaga, Brussels sprouts and scallions. The author then goes on to discuss specific tips for winter gardening.
      • "Washing Clothes"--Dirt Time. The author writes: "Washing machines are another of those devices that modern man seems to believe that life could not go on without. Yet for the vast stretch of human life, there were no washing machines. People just washed with hot water and soap and worked the garments by hand. Sometimes smooth rocks were used, sometimes not. In fact, sometimes it was just cold running water in the stream and no soap at all."
      • "Buyer’s Guide: The Best Headlamp"--All Outdoor. "After three years of continually testing headlamps, and adding 12 new models to our test pool this time around, we still think the Black Diamond Spot is the best headlamp for most people." The author explains why and discusses some other headlamps that are more suited for certain types of users.
      • "Is TEOTWAWKI Really That Far-Fetched?"--M. Edwards at the Survivalist Blog. The author notes that the majority of people (including preppers) don't really believe a large long-term disaster--economic, natural, or due to war--is possible. The author not only discusses why he believes that such upheaval is more likely than we would like to believe, but is inevitable. 
      • "Creepy surveillance footage of home invasion shows armed burglars tiptoeing around sleeping children as they steal a handgun, credit cards and a cell phone"--Daily Mail. It looks like the entry was via a patio door. As one perp is stepping around the room, using a flashlight to spot items to take, another person is mostly out of sight in the doorway with only a hand and a pistol visible.

      Other Stuff:
      The weapons are smuggled overland into Yemen via the neighboring country of Oman. “What they’re bringing in via Oman are anti-ship missiles, explosives… money and personnel,” a U.S. official said. An Iranian diplomat confirmed that his government has stepped up its support for the Houthis, which are fighting a Saudi-backed coalition. “The nuclear deal gave Iran an upper hand in its rivalry with Saudi Arabia, but it needs to be preserved,” the diplomat explained. Critics of the nuclear deal with Iran, including regional American allies, have long expressed their concern that it gives Iran more leeway to support destabilizing proxy forces throughout the region, such as in Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon.

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