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September 27, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Source: "It's the wild, wild EAST: Beijing's abandoned Western film sets created when Communist Party bosses banned Hollywood cowboy flicks and told Chinese directors to make their own"--Daily Mail.

  • Related: "Contact Medicine"--Brushbeater. The author notes that "If you’re planning on taking up arms, plan on getting hurt." The article discusses training and equipment for an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK).
(H/t for both articles: Western Rifle Shooting Assoc.)
  • "Violent crime and murders both went up in 2015, FBI says"-- from today's Washington Post. From the article: "Homicides in the United States went up by more than 10 percent in 2015 over the year before, while violent crime increased by nearly 4 percent in the same period, according to new statistics released Monday by the FBI."
Dandong Hongxiang Industrial Developmental Company Limited (DHID), as well as its chairwoman Ma Xiaohong and three top executives, were charged with conspiring to evade sanctions against North Korea, including by facilitating money laundering through U.S. financial institutions.

    DHID also is under investigation by Chinese authorities for its connection with Kwangson Banking Corporation, a North Korean bank suspected of financing Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program. Ma Xiaohong was detained by Chinese authorities last month.
    But there is more to the story than just money laundering. According to a recent YouTube episode of China Uncensored, DHID is also implicated in transferring materials to North Korea that are necessary for enriching uranium. 
    I think China has been very foolish to trust North Korea with ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. After all, based on the close ties between the two countries, it is more likely that North Korea will attack China than it will attack the United States.
      The tide of economic migrants from the Third World to the First World is ever-increasing, because the populations of Third World countries have increased so drastically that they have no expectation of anything worthwhile if they stay there.  There will never be enough jobs, enough social support structures, enough housing, enough health care, to meet their needs:  so they're trying to move to a place that can offer them those things.  Unfortunately, by seeking to leech off the American or European taxpayer, they're imposing an impossible burden on us - one that's completely unsustainable.
        That's what this election is all about.  If we allow Hillary Clinton's policies to prevail, the Third World will be all around us within a few years (it already is, in some parts of this country).  America will be dragged down - economically, socially, and in due course politically - to the level of most of South America.  If Donald Trump's policies prevail, the tide may yet be stemmed, and even, perhaps, reversed.  I'm not at all sure that Mr. Trump will make a good President;  but I am sure that in this area at least, the policies he's expressed are light years ahead of his opponent's.
        • "When Resources Are Free – Bribing Turkey To Not Send Migrants"--Anonymous Conservative. AC writes about the EU's plan to send cash grants to Syrian refugees in Turkey, in exchange for which Turkey will (supposedly) restrict the flow of refugees into Europe. Besides noting that the funds will be siphoned off due to corruption, many of the refugees receiving the benefits won't actually be Syrian, and that Turkey will still not curb the migration to Europe, AC also notes that this is an r-strategy that will end as resources dry up:
          But the idea – buying what you should really be killing for – is the thing of interest. In times of K, migrants would be sunk in their boats, Erdogan would be assassinated if he didn’t stop it, and nobody would think twice about it. The number of times in history that Turks or Persians headed toward Europe proper, and were killed with nary a thought is beyond comprehension.
            But not today. Today, Erdogan threatens to let migrants leave, and Europe will send all sorts of earned European taxpayer money to him, for a solution that will only make the problem worse later. That can only happen in times or r-selection, when the brain adapts to avoid conflict at all costs, and assume resources will always be free.
            • "Darwin Unhinged: The Bugs in Evolution"--Fred On Everything. Fred Reed has a somewhat lengthy, but interesting--humorous at times--post regarding some of the intractable problems with evolution and why he believes it is a religious belief rather than science. He notes:
            First, plausibility was accepted as being equivalent to evidence. And of course the less you know, the greater the number of things that are plausible, because there are fewer facts to get in the way. Again and again evolutionists assumed that suggesting how something might have happened was equivalent to establishing how it had happened. Asking them for evidence usually aroused annoyance and sometimes, if persisted in, hostility.
            Second, evolution seemed more a metaphysics or ideology than a science. The sciences, as I knew them, gave clear answers. Evolution involved intense faith in fuzzy principles. You demonstrated chemistry, but believed evolution.
            But mostly Reed discusses the statistical impossibility for life to form let alone overcome the intractable problem of "irreducible complexity": i.e., "the frequently observed existence in living organisms of systems that depend for their functioning on the simultaneous presence of things that would be either useless or detrimental by themselves, and thus make no evolutionary sense." In addition, it is clear that evolutionary pressures (e.g., "survival of the fittest") does not adequately explain why certain characteristics are present (or absent) from many creatures.
            Reed does not seek to completely refute evolution nor does he accept standard "creationism" (obviously, the fossil record shows that some changes have occurred); rather, he argues that evolution is not science because it cannot demonstrably explain what it purports to explain. 
            • "I'm spiking the guns here on Sipsey Street Irregulars"--Sipsey Street Irregulars. Matthew writes: "A couple of days ago, I received some news that ended up shaking me to my very core.  After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to close the doors of the Sipsey Street Irregulars.  ..." Sounds like it might be a health issue. Best of luck to him.

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