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August 17, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around The Web

Video: "Remington R51 Gen 2 Full 500+ Round Review (2016)"--The Firearms Blog. This is a review by Alex C., who was not as lucky as the two other reviewers I cited to recently. Alex had some recurring problems while putting his R51 pistol through its paces. Update (8/18/2016): When I posted this, I had only gone through the video quickly over my lunch break, but was able to watch it yesterday evening. Here are my two cents worth on Alex C.'s test: First, the primary problems he noticed occurred with foreign manufactured, steel cased ammunition, and fell into two primary categories: (i) the nose of the round getting pushed down in the magazine instead of feed (or not rising all the way in the first place); and (ii) not igniting the primers. This seems to me to be mostly an ammunition issue (hard or defective primers; out-of-spec ammo) or a magazine issue. He had a similar issue (the ammunition being nose down in the magazine) with some German ammunition (I believe only a single round), which again could be due to out-of-spec ammunition that was binding in the magazine (e.g., the overall length being too great). Another problem that cropped up occasionally was the slide locking back. If you looked at the other reviews to which I cited, this issue was addressed: it was from the thumb on the off-hand riding the slide release and pushing it up to lock the slide. And, if you watch Alex C.'s shooting, he was indeed using a high thumb hold when shooting two handed. Thus, that appears to be an issue of operator error.  

Russian forces do not appear to be building up inside the occupied Crimean Peninsula along the border with Ukraine, he said.
    However, over the past several months large numbers of Russian troops and tanks have been moving into eight bases stretching from Yelnya, near Smolensk and northeast of Ukraine, southward through Rostov—a city located very close to eastern Ukraine.
      Defense officials said it is not clear whether the massing of forces is saber rattling by Moscow designed to coerce Ukraine into accepting the takeover of Crimea or preparations for further conflict. “Regardless of the reason, the warning time for Russian action has been greatly reduced” by the staging of forces near Ukraine, a second defense official said.
        Russian military forces were identified by the officials at eight locations near the Ukrainian border: Yelnya, Klintsy, Valuyki, Boguchar, Millerovo, Persianovskiy, and bases called Rostov-1 and Rostov-2.
          Hitting changes stuff. Not just 'hitting a body feels different than hitting a heavy bag or punching air.' Every time you hit or are hit for real, something changes. Something in the structure of the person receiving the hit is disrupted. If you get hit hard enough in the face to twist you[r] neck, it will change your shoulder alignment and the distribution of balance between your feet. If you take a heavy rising body blow it can break your connection with the ground.

            Every incoming impact affects you, and every impact you deliver affects the threat.
              * * *
                ... Every attack disrupts. Each contact does damage; disrupts the threat's targeting, timing and distancing; and sets up the next shot. (I tend to fight by touch instead of sight, so indexing and pivoting the attacking limb off the point of impact are big for me.)

                  Constant forward pressure lets your offense handle your defense. It sounds like an armchair strategy, but it is an obvious natural truth when you are hitting and getting hit hard.
                  This feels kind of like organized crime, which the city is trying to play down by portraying it as a mere “feud” like the Hatfields and the McCoys. It would not be surprising to find out the shooter was MS-13, or a secario for some drug cartel. Which makes you wonder if the Muslims may be forming organized crime gangs that are now fighting over turf with the Latino gangs.
                  I would not be surprised if the Anonymous Conservative is correct. After all, I've cited reports of Muslim criminal organizations taking over organized crime in Berlin and other parts of Europe, so why not here? But, if that is the case, I would also recommend that you read this article from David P. Goldman explaining that there is no clear demarcation between Muslim criminal gangs and Jihadists
                  • Secret combinations--A couple from The Daily Caller as it digs into the hacked Soros emails:
                  People, if you visit a part of the world - not just Africa, but anywhere - where human life is cheap, where torture and rape are everyday occurrences, where tribal and/or religious and/or ethnic divisions are excuses for savagery and bestiality of the worst kind, then the odds are pretty good that you're going to experience those realities for yourself.  The locals don't care that you're there to help them.  They don't care about your high-minded ideals, or your purity of vision of the new Utopia you're trying to build for them.  To them, you're "other".  You're "not one of us".  You're "an outsider".  When what sensibilities the locals have are swamped by drugs, or alcohol, or emotional frenzy . . . that means you're going to be a target, whether you like it or not.  Fulbright scholar and US citizen Amy Biehl found that out in the city of my birth, one of the (purportedly) most civilized places in Africa.  It wasn't . . . and in their frenzy, its people killed her.
                  Tribalism is trending.  The End of History world is over. All of a sudden it matters again whether you're Yazidi, Kurdish, Sunni, Shi'ite, Druze or Christian. It apparently matters whether you're Russian or non-Russian, at least in Eastern Europe. And as Tolu Ongulesi in Nigeria notes, tribalism is alive and well in Africa, especially now that Ebola is running rampant.
                  Even in the U.S. and other civilized nations, tribalism rises. He continues:
                  ... Nobody is just an "American" any more. Anyone who insists on the plain identifier must be a secret bigot. You are a [modifier][-][American]. ... 
                  The Left for its part, has done its level best to multiply the hyphens while simultaneously trying to increase the size and power of the central state. They little realized or perhaps they realized all too well, that a program of cultural fragmentation combined with growing central power is the high road to dictatorship. You can have cultural diversity and a strong central government but not both -- not unless it's headed by a Sultan or an Emperor.

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