Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Source: "Earth's rings of fire: Mountains ranges, volcanoes and trenches created by 15 tectonic plates revealed in stunning images"--Daily Mail. The article again notes that portions of the North American plate, under the South East United States, have fallen off, thinning the plate, and making it more susceptible to earthquakes.


  • Tuesday and time for another "Woodpile Report". I recommend reading the whole thing, but there are a couple articles to which Ol' Remus linked that stood out given recent topics I've addressed here:
  • "The West Enters Free-Fall"--Amerika. A warning from yet another source about the West's (including the United States') descent into tribal politics and the corrupting influence of globalism. As with many other articles and comments on this issue, I don't have the impression that the author is recommending this state of affairs, but merely recognizing the reality of the situation in which we find ourselves. From the article: 
    The elite have become sandbagged. They are hunkered down, having circled the wagons, and are in desperation mode trying to hang on to power. Since fixing the actual problems would invalidate the conditions on which they were elected, they will not do that, but instead will enforce in increasing degrees the necessity of agreeing with the Narrative to get anywhere in life. If you disagree, you will not have jobs, housing, friends or mates. You will be ostracized as an icky person that no one wants to get close to lest those ideological cooties rub off.
      Globalism is not commerce itself, but the shared political system of Leftist liberal democracy which now controls the world. As a result, all nations are adopting the same laws, attitudes, products and other utilities for influencing their citizens. This means that the idea of “nations,” as in proposition nations united internally by ideology, is dead. Only ideology remains.
        With the counter-revolution, other groups are setting up their own ideological global orders which operate within the Leftist world-nation. The Trump revolution is part of this: Leftists act like a hybrid between an organized gang, a cult and a union or guild. They beat up anyone who upsets their members. Now right-wing people and white people wants a tribe of this type for themselves. It will be open war on the streets.
          The good thing about this is that when multiple gangs are powerful, the Leftist grip on media and government will collapse. Like the gay mafia, Jewish nepotism, the old Anglo-Saxon order and other special interest groups, Leftists specialized in promoting their own and excluding everyone else. No more: now multiple groups will be doing that, and by competing, they will keep the Leftists in check. They will probably also start taking their share of the excess wealth of the dying West.
            This means that well-funded, highly organized tribes based on some inherent identity — race, culture, sexual preference, political and religious leanings — will each be protecting their members from other groups. To keep the peace, there will at first be mutual tolerance as each group tries to minimize external warfare in order to bulk itself up so that it can be the biggest and win. Ultimately this one will be decided by biology: the average middle-class person in America, whose tribe will be the Trump tribe or whatever follows it, still has a chance at a balanced, sane life and normal family. When the generations change over, those are the ones who will be left standing.
            • "Review: 'Prepper Guns' Asks if You’re Ready for Potential Disaster"--The Firearms Blog. The book being reviewed is Prepper Guns by Bryce M. Towsley. Although the reviewer doesn't have much to say about the contents of the book, she writes: " It’s a comprehensive gun book not only for those who like to be ready for whatever may come but also for just about anyone who likes guns, especially long guns. This is a gun book, not a guns-and-knives or guns-and-bunkers book." I get the impression that this book is similar in nature to Mel Tappan's Survival Guns or Kenneth W. Royce's Boston's Gun Bible.
            • "Review: Chiappa Rhino 60DS AKA White Rhino"--The Firearms Blog. This review is of the 6" hunting/target revolver offered by Chiappa with rails for mounting a light or laser, as well as a top rail to mount optics. The reviewer gives it high marks. 
            • "Record Gun Sales Continue Through May"--The Washington Free Beacon. Another string of record setting months for gun sales--this one has lasted 13 months. 
            • Meanwhile, in the U.K.: "Rise in cats killed by air guns in the North East prompts calls for tougher laws"--Chronicle. "Cat Protection is calling on the Government in England and Wales to make it a criminal offence to own an air gun without a licence or permit."
            • And back to the United States: "Why the Supreme Court Won't Impact Gun Rights"--The Atlantic. The author argues that the Supreme Court will ultimately have no impact on gun rights because Congress won't vote for more restrictions. Just like they didn't vote for restrictions in 1934, 1938, 1968, 1986, and 1993? 
            • "What's the single most effective thing you can do to improve your chances in a gunfight?"--Bayou Renaissance Man. Peter Grant contends that basic marksmanship is the most effective thing to improving your odds in a gunfight and discusses how you can improve your marksmanship. A close second, I would add, is training yourself to get off the "X."

            Other Stuff:
              I would argue that Western civilization also has the right of "national defense," at least as much as does a tribe in the Amazon or on Papua. Just as the Japanese have the right to exclude whomever they wish from Japan--try immigrating there--so do the citizens of Australia, the UK, Canada, Israel, the US, etc. As I have said so many times that I am becoming a boring old hack, believing in the values of Western civilization does not mean that we have to write a suicide note for that civilization. We, for example, do not have to acquiesce to the jihadist invasion now underway in Europe solely because we believe in such human rights as religious tolerance. I repeat, the Magna Carta and the Constitution are not suicide pacts.
                Notice how they were told they’d have to go home, their amygdala exploded, and their default response was to riot. Imagine the ones who have already been let in being told their welfare checks aren’t going to come because the government is out of money. They will wall off their neighborhoods, and form a raiding economy. They’ll flood out, robbing, killing, raping, and stealing anything not nailed down, and then retreat back into their Muslim neighborhoods and dare Europe to do anything about it. By that point, Europe will dare.

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