Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 21, 2016--A Quick Run Around the Web

"A good sword for home defense? (viewer question)"--Skallagrim. Something that may be of interest for those living in jurisdictions with restrictive gun laws.

  • A new Woodpile Report is up.
  • "Number of Zika-Positive Puerto Ricans Surprises Health Officials"--New York Times. Testing of blood donations in Puerto Rico show that, as of the week ending June 11, 1.1% of blood donors had active infections of Zika. The CDC was surprised to see the percentage this high so early in the outbreak. The article goes on to note that the CDC expects 25% of the 3.5 million inhabiting the island to be infected by the end of the year. 
  • "First Look: Schmeisser SLP-9 Pistol"--The Truth About Guns. A full-sized striker fired handgun carrying 17 rounds of 9 mm in the magazine. MSRP is supposed to be $499.
  • "Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Challenge To New York And Connecticut Weapons Ban"--The Captain's Journal. Herschel Smith provides his thoughts on the implications (or non-implications) of this. Basically, though, he posits that the Supreme Court is turning back to gun control being a local issues, which means that if you live in states that restrict gun rights but you want to enjoy your 2nd Amendment right to arm yourself, your choices are to change the law, leave, or violate the law.
  • "SPACE INVADER? Russia to ‘conquer the moon’ and station a squad of cosmonauts in permanent lunar outpost"--The Sun. Russia wants to have a permanently manned moon base, apparently by 2030. The article speculates on whether Russia will attempt to claim sovereign territory or have a military presence. The fact of the matter, though, is that an official territorial claim is unnecessary if no one else has the means to eject you from that territory. I would note that George and Meredith Friedman discussed the inevitable militarization of space, including the moon, in their book, The Future of War, published in 1996.
  • "What Will Gun Controllers Do When Americans Ignore an ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban?"--Reason.com. The author argues, based on past bans on other products (alcohol and illicit drugs) and past attempts to ban certain types of firearms, that such bans will largely be ignored. 
  • "Gun control backers are really, really sick of playing nice"--Washington Post. The author, Amber Phillips, indicates that the new slogan to be employed by the gun haters is: "You're either with us — or you're with the terrorists." The purpose is to put Republican politicians in a tough spot by presenting a false dichotomy and making them choose. The author also points out that "[i]t helps that the injection of national security into the gun debate coincides with a growing, more sophisticated gun control movement — more money, more intensity — and a steady drip, drip of mass shootings." Infantile, but probably effective.
  • "Employers less interested in low-skilled male workers"--Washington Examiner. From the article:
At 88 percent, the U.S. has the third-lowest participation rate for prime-age men among developed nations, beating out only Italy and Israel. Since 1990, participation for that group has fallen the second-fastest of any country.
    The specific problem, the White House economics detail, is that workforce participation used to be nearly universal among men with and without college degress, with labor force participation rates above 97 percent for both categories in the mid-1960s. But over time, labor force participation for men whose education ended at high school has dropped to 83 percent even as it's only slipped slightly for college graduates. The problem is particularly acute for black men.
    The gist of the article is that the lack of demand for low-skilled labor is disappearing because of structural changes. Possibly. But it also may be because of the import of foreign labor as part of the globalism of labor markets and condoning of illegal immigration. Something that blacks should consider when they go to the ballet box this fall.
    • "Good Article On The Walkie Talkie Bank Robbery"--The Anonymous Conservative. Background: In September 1971, a gang of thieves tunneled into a bank vault at the Baker Street branch of Lloyds Bank, with a plan to raid the safety deposit boxes. What they found, however, frightened them: evidence of pedophilia among the highest ranks of British society and government. Senior government officials silenced the media. According to the article, "[t]he four men caught, charged and convicted of the raid went to jail without ever having their names mentioned in the press, and to this day their identities and the circumstances of their capture remain secret. Even the lengths of their sentences are still shrouded in mystery." What the Anonymous Conservative points out, however, is that this type of information makes elected officials and judges controllable through blackmail. He explains:
      ... A pedophile in a position of power might as well be a robot that only you have the remote control for. They are the single most controllable personality type. Own Jimmy Saville, and you own every media pedophile he has recruited into his pedophile network. The worse you are, the more you will be enabled, because the better the control you will offer – and the higher your star will rise.
        Did you think it was just chance that there were so many pedophiles in the uppermost echelons of British society? They just happened to all be there en masse, enabling each other?
        The sadistic boss of one of Venezuela’s most feared kidnap gangs has revealed in harrowing detail how he stalks and seizes his victims, murders those who don’t pay the ransom – and has a network of corrupt officers embedded in the police.
          In a chilling interview in the lawless slums of western Caracas, conducted at gunpoint, the kidnap boss told how he has 'no remorse' about his reign of terror in the crisis-stricken city.
            'If they don’t pay up after a week,' he said. 'We dig a two-metre hole and shoot them in the face with a shotgun so nobody will be able to identify the body. They stay on the missing persons list forever. In this city, I am in charge.'
              Kidnapping rates in the socialist country have soared since falling oil prices caused widespread food shortages and unrest. The over-stretched police force is struggling to deal with the crime wave, which has brought the country to its knees.
                Caracas, named ‘the most dangerous city on earth’, has the world’s highest homicide rate, with 3,946 murders alone last year in a city of almost 3.3 million people. According to police figures, 85 per cent of deaths in the city are violent.
                  Police openly admit they cannot cope. On a motorbike patrol through one of the country’s most dangerous 'kidnap alleys', Santiago Rosas, director of El Hatillo municipal police, told MailOnline that police are now 'only able to protect nine per cent of the population'.
                   I bet a lot of the Venezuelan public wishes that they could keep firearms for self-defense. 

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