Monday, June 27, 2016


          The Supreme Court has announced that college admission preferences in favor of anyone that is not a white-male is still okay, some 50 years after calling affirmative action "odious to a free people whose institutions are founded upon the doctrine of equality" in a decision where the justices opined that it was only a temporary measure that would end within a decade. It is no wonder that tribal politics are the future: it only pays if one is in a tribe that can command either respect or fear. Thus, in Fresno, where an unarmed white teenager was shot and killed by police, protesters turned out with Confederate flags and "White Lives Matter" signs; and in Sacramento, communists and Black Lives Matters protesters to break up a lawful rally by Neo-Naziswhile police stood by and did nothing. I suspect that this is only the beginning as an increasing number of people realize that they are the sacrificial victims of multiculturalism. 

          Terry Teachout, in a column at Arts Journal, took note of a Washington Post article belittling Trump's for eating fast food. The writer for the Post stated, for example: "For some people, what’s coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth is downright scary. Almost as frightening, at least to those of us who see the stomach as a window to the soul, is what is going in." Teachout commented:
Note the transition from “some people” to “us.” As in: Not our kind, dearie. After which come the sneers. I’m no fan of Donald Trump—that’s putting it very, very mildly—but I also know that of such sneers are revolutions made.
He goes on:
This “news” story is, in its minor but nonetheless revealing way, illustrative of the condition that now increasingly prevails in American society, which is that those who disagree no longer have anything to say to each other. Fact-based argument has been replaced by reflexive contempt. Nor should this be in any way surprising. In a totally polarized political environment, persuasion is no longer possible: we believe what we believe, and nothing matters but class and power. We are well on the way to becoming a land of jerking knees. 
Never before have I felt so strongly that Americans are talking past instead of to one another. It is, I fear, our future and our fate—which is why I have come to believe that I will live to see Red and Blue America negotiate a “soft disunion.” No, there won’t be a second civil war. I can’t imagine the citizens of Blue America waging a shooting war over much of anything, least of all continued union with people whom they disdain. (Red America is a different story.) But the gap that separates the two Americas has grown so deep and wide that I find it increasingly difficult to imagine their caring to function as a single nation for very much longer. If I’m right, then I expect that they will ultimately find a more or less polite way to stop doing so.
         Teachout's belief that Blue America wouldn't wage a shooting war is, of course, ridiculous. While they may not yet have advanced to shooting, protesters and rioters on the left certainly have been making use of punches, kicks, clubs, and, more recently in Sacramento, knives. And let us not forget the rioting and looting. Rod Deher, commenting on Teachout's article, observed that the left "aren’t going to stop until they’ve crushed us [i.e., the right], because we’re not just wrong, but evil." He points out:
Would you want to share a country with such “evil” people, unless you could render them as dhimmis? Conversely, would you want to share a country with people — especially powerful people in media, politics, industry, and academia — who think you are evil because you believe in and practice orthodox Christianity?
Fred Reed recently explained:
These things are no longer incidents in the cute “culture wars,” half amusing and half-exasperating. We see something more like Weimar Germany, with organized mobs making targets of politicians and breaking up rallies. It is a deliberate, conscious assault on what America is supposed to be and to a reasonable approximation, was.  
* * * 
Yes, there is a culture war. Behind the rabble, and supporting them, are the media, New York and Washington and Hollywood, the open-borders crowd, the racial lobbies and etiolated epicenes of academia, Obama and Hillary and the Neocons and Wall Street. 
Asserting control would not be easy. The cities are powder kegs. The rioters hold too many hostages. If police shoot one black criminal, a city burns. Politicians know it. If Latinos become another hostile racial group, Katie bar the door. We face as part of the larger conflict a tricorn race war of, now, low intensity. This makes no sense as most of all races just want to live in peace, but the civilized inevitably get sucked into hostility started by extremists. White nationalists are spoiling for a fight, as are Black Livists and an indeterminate number of Latino hot-heads.  
Latinos are key in what is coming. There are at least 55 million in the US–I suspect the numbers are deliberately understated by the government–and most, being legal, are not going away. 
* * * 
Race is only a part of the onrushing disaster. America is no longer a country, but a riot of hostile races, sexes, and political extremes, of self-serving politicians and extractive corporations of the extremely rich who have no attachment to the US. The mild competition between Republicans and Democrats of the Fifties has given way to hard Right and weird Left who bitterly hate each other. They are irreconcilable. 
Somebody has to win. There is neither a desire for compromise nor room for it. Those who regard universities as centers for infantilism, inclusiveness and narcissistic political theater cannot live side by side with those who want rigorous schooling for the qualified. It is one or the other. A belief in free discourse is not compatible with firing people who say things offensive to the sacred sensitives. No happy mean exists between affirmative action and advancement by merit. The ghetto cannot cohabit amicably with the library.
          This is not a situation that should be relished. It is sad. But dissolution will be the ultimate fate of our nation, and I don't think it will be a peaceful "soft disunion."

Update (6/30/2016): corrected typo.


  1. In the coming festivities, you skin color will be your uniform. The progressives have made it so.

    1. Yes, they have, unfortunately. Through their championing of identity politics (one of the core strategies of the Frankfurt school), they have guaranteed the rise of tribal conflict. Ironically, though, most of this conflict will probably be in areas that are largely blue (i.e., Democratic controlled).