Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

  • It's Friday and time for Active Response Training's Weekend Knowledge Dump. Links to articles on concealed carry and situational awareness, EMP effects on vehicles, explosives, and exercise/health. Check it out.
  • "How a Handgun Works: 1911 .45"--Animagraffs. Animations of diagrams showing how a .45 works from multiple perspectives: an overview, loading of the chamber/cycling, the operation of the trigger mechanism, rifling, ejection, the safety mechanisms and how they work, the construction of a cartridge, and the operation of the magazine. (H/t Bearing Arms).
  • "Educational Zone #192 – Gun Lubrication"--The Box of Truth. The author talked to an analytical chemist and researcher on why Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil (in a higher weight for greater viscosity) should work well as a gun lubricant.
  • "OODA Double Reversal"--Chiron Training. Rory Miller discusses the OODA loop, including what you should be doing at each step and (the reversal part) what you can do to interfere with your opponent's OODA loop.
  • "Rifle Plates: A Survivalist’s Perspective"--Mason Dixon Tactical. A discussion of whether as a survivalist you would want to use ballistic armor, including advantages and disadvantages of different types.
  • "Building The DIY Sheet Metal Self-loading Pistol"--Impro Guns. A video and photographs of one person's attempt (and it looks like it turned out pretty nice).
  • "Oil Lamps"--Bush Beater. Encouraging the prepper to include oil lamps as part of their preparations and providing some tips and warnings concerning the use and locations of the lamps, the types of fuels, and storage of fuel.
  • "Social Security Opens Comments for Gun Disability Records Expansion"--Ammo Land. The Social Security Administration has proposed a rule to release health and disability records for use in performing background checks for gun purchasers. 

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