Sunday, February 15, 2015

Will Swedes Go Silently to the Grave or Begin to Fight Back?

 As part of their video showing the beheading of 20 Christians in Libya, ISIS has warned that it what it portrayed in the video would be coming soon to "the Nation of the Cross."  This is not an imaginary threat. Roger Kimball notes that between 1975--when the Swedish parliament decided that the country would be multicultural--and today, violent crime in Sweden has grown 300% and rapes have increased 1,472%. And it is all attributable to immigration from the Middle-East and North Africa. As Daniel Greenfield points out:
Our problem is not the Islamic radical, but the inherent radicalism of Islam. Islam is a radical religion. It radicalizes those who follow it. Every atrocity we associate with Islamic radicals is already in Islam. The Koran is not the solution to Islamic radicalism, it is the cause.  
Our enemy is not radicalism, but a hostile civilization bearing grudges and ambitions.  
We aren’t fighting nihilists or radicals. We are at war with the inheritors of an old empire seeking to reestablish its supremacy not only in the hinterlands of the east, but in the megalopolises of the west.

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